Battlefield V Beta For PS4, Xbox One, And PC In Early September Gunplay And Weapon Balancing To Be Tweaked

Battlefield V's release date is October 19 and it's already had one closed alpha event. After the Battlefield V closed alpha was met with a mixed reception, developer Dice took to its website to outline what we can expect from the World War 2 shooter in the months prior to its release. Battlefield V's open beta for PS4, Xbox One, and PC will begin in early September though no exact date has been given just yet. In addition to this, the team is looking to make some significant changes to the shooter's gameplay before the Battlefield V beta begins particularly in terms of its gunplay and weapons. Here's what you can expect.

Battlefield V beta gameplay changes
  • Tweaked the recoil of some weapons this means it will require a bit more effort and pacing between shots to be effective.
  • In contrast to previous games, bullet spread is now converted to recoil, and Dice has improved the clarity on how controllable your weapon is when firing.
  • The gunplay will be tighter, you will have more control, and it should feel more physical.
  • The more time you spend with a certain gun, the more you will learn how it behaves. You will learn something new from each engagement. Even if you miss, you should feel that it's not the gun’s fault.
  • Added a single-fire mode to certain Battlefield V weapons. This adds a layer of decision-making to gunfights where you potentially could switch firing mode to be most effective, rather than using full auto only. Dice will keep an eye on how this affects shooting behavior and the overall weapon balance.
"Important to note is that the Closed Alpha had a limited pool of weapons and when we add more, the overall balance will change. The arsenal that was tested in the Alpha was a small subset and more passes will be made to it and all the other Battlefield V weapons and gadgets," claims Dice.

Vehicle controls, the amount of camera shake, the volume of footsteps, and various bugs will all be addressed too. You can check out the entire list of changes including time to kill, revives, maps, modes, and a whole lot more on Dice's site.

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